Custom Home Builders

By | March 25, 2017

Owning a custom home typically means that the Home Owner has accomplished what very few people have been able to achieve. More specifically, they have looked at their budget, and have hired the best architect and custom home builder to design and build their home.

And when the job is complete, the custom home needs a thorough cleaning before the proud home owners can move in.

SoCal Cleaning and Restoration has a dedicated division experienced in post construction clean-up.

If you are a home owner working on tenant improvements, or a custom home builder, we invite you to give us a call.

We will come out and give you a bid.

Our trained technicians are diligent and thorough and

  • will remove tape, stucco, paint, caulking, stickers and all other construction type of debris from the surface of the glass without a scratch
  • will vacuum every square inch of the home
  • machine scrub all stone floors
  • vacuum all carpeted floors
  • remove dirt and dust from all tubs, tile, mirrors, cabinets, flooring, moldings, windows, hardware, lights and other surfaces.

SoCal Cleaning and Restoration will transform the home from a construction site to a dust free, move-in environment.

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