Window Washing

By | March 25, 2017

Ideally, windows should be washed a minimum of three to four times a year, but if you live close to the beach, or if your windows and Plexiglas sound walls need more frequent cleaning, SoCal Cleaning and Restoration is happy to assist.

We believe that window washing is not only an important part of a healthy home hygiene, but it can also significantly add to the look of your home. Our skillful window washers have over 100+ years of in the field experience and can take care of your windows by delivering professional results.

When we wash your windows, we use spot free, de-ionized water and extension poles to prevent having to walk on your roof, patio cover, or other delicate surfaces. If it is at all necessary to walk on the roof, our service trucks are equipped with foam pads that our crew members use to walk across your rooftop – without damaging the tiles.

We use industry specific lint-free towels to wipe window frames, edges and window sills after using our squeegees. This prevents dripping water back on to the glass. We also wipe out the tracks leaving them nice and clean.

Our window cleaning solutions will not harm your glass, tint or your trim, regardless of whether it is made of vinyl, metal, or wood.

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